Special Session

  1.   Session 1: Condition monitoring of hydraulic machinery using non-stationary signature analysis

  2. ➤  Session 2: Intelligent systems for reliability, operation and maintenance management

  3. ➤  Session 3: Signal processing and performance analysis of mechanical transmission systems

  4. ➤  Session 4: Non-linear system information processing and vibration energy harvesting

  5. ➤  Session 5: Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection

  6. ➤  Session 6: Intelligent operation and maintenance of advanced manufacturing machining

  7. ➤  Session 7: Diagnosis, Operation and Maintenance of rail Transit

  8. ➤  Session 8: Intelligent operation and maintenance of high-end equipments

  9. ➤  Session 9: Tribological condition monitoring of industrial equipment

  10. ➤  Session 10: Multi-modal perception analysis and control technology for robotic machinery

  11. ➤  Session 11: Numerical models driven interpretable personalized diagnosis

  12. ➤  Session 12: Advance signal processing for defect identification in non-stationary conditions

  13. ➤  Session 13: New generation artificial intelligence detection in special equipments

  14. ➤  Session 14: Diagnosis and prognosis in presence of non-Gaussian disturbances

  15.       Session Chair: Radoslaw Zimroz, Fulei Chu, Agnieszka Wylomanska, Anil Kumar


Conference Contact

Prof. (Dr.) Jiawei Xiang, Conference Chair

Email: jwxiang@wzu.edu.cn

Prof. (Dr.) Radoslaw Zimroz, Conference Co-Chair

Email: radoslaw.zimroz@gmail.com

Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Kumar, Conference Co-Chair

Email: rajesh_krs@sliet.ac.in

Dr. Anil Kumar, Secretary

Email: 20210129@wzu.edu.cn

Dr. Yuanhao Cheng, Secretary

Email:  yhcheng@wzu.edu.cn

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