Past CMMNO Conferences

Past CMMNO  Conferences

The CMMNO Society is proud to host its prestigious annual conferences, a longstanding tradition that has witnessed the successful organization of seven remarkable events to date.

 CMMNO 7th Conference, held in 2021, Guangzhou, China

 CMMNO 6th Conference, held in 2018, Santander, Spain

 CMMNO 5th Conference, held in 2016, Gliwice, Poland

 CMMNO 4th Conference, held in 2014, Lyon, France

 CMMNO 3rd Conference, held in 2013, Ferrara, Italy

 CMMNO 2nd Conference, held in 2012, Hamamet, Tunisia

 CMMNO 1st Conference, held in 2011, Warsaw, Poland


Conference Contact

Prof. (Dr.) Jiawei Xiang, Conference Chair


Prof. (Dr.) Radoslaw Zimroz, Conference Co-Chair


Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Kumar, Conference Co-Chair


Dr. Anil Kumar, Secretary


Dr. Yuanhao Cheng, Secretary


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